We get asked this question just about everyday in the stores.  Why Vinyl Windows?  Being a southwest company we deal with some pretty extreme heat conditions and in some of our locations some pretty cold temperatures as well.  The problem we face with the vinyl windows in our market is that people think that vinyl windows are going to melt.  This stems from when vinyl windows first went out in the southwest market made out of recycled,  not UV protected, material and it did indeed warp, crack and fade.  This is where the challenge of selling vinyl windows in the southwest market began.

Aluminum windows are great. We sell aluminum all the time.  We have no issues with the aluminum products we sell.  The biggest pro to the aluminum product is it comes in that popular color Bronze.  People love this color and vinyl windows do not come in Bronze or do they?  Well now we get get bronze painted vinyl windows which are guaranteed and two of our vendors Milgard and Alside supply them.  Milgard offers more than just bronze painted they have 8 colors to choose from.  The only draw back to painted vinyl windows is the exterior is the only painted side so the inside will be white.  Some people do not like this.

Color situation aside the aluminum product still has its own downsides.  The aluminum product is screwed together and the corners are sealed with silicone so there is still more room for air to penetrate thus creating more dust in your home.  Vinyl is fusion welded creating air tightness which decreases dust and air.  Your aluminum frame conducts more heat/cold than a vinyl frame bringing more heat/cold into your home.  Roughly vinyl windows are about 20% more energy efficient than aluminum. Think of the energy savings! Eventually aluminum windows will be obsolete once the energy codes get to a point to where it is impossible for aluminum to meet them even if the aluminum window is thermally broken.

This blog was not designed to bash aluminum windows since a majority of our business is still aluminum.  We really just want people to know that there is no need to be scared of vinyl.  The design of vinyl windows is far superior to when it first reached the southwest.  From UV inhibitors added to the vinyl for protection from the sun and using 100% virgin vinyl it is safe to say using vinyl is risk free.  Most vinyl window manufacturers have either limited lifetime warranties or full lifetime warranties on their products to help build confidence in their products.  Also if vinyl windows went bad not only would our company but many more companies in the United States would be out of business due to law suites and warranty fees.  Vinyl is the future for inexpensive replacement/new construction window costs.  Come on down and we will show you what we have to offer. We hope someone out there learned something from our little rant.


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