Summer is here and it is heating up.  This is when those A/C bills go up and your wallet shrinks.  The best way to help combat this phenomena is by replacing your windows and doors.  Yes, yes it does cost a little to save a little but no more will you listen to your A/C  constantly kick on and on and on.  If you have single pane windows in your home you practically have 99% of heat coming into your home.  Those old windows are about as effective as paper!

This isn’t a sales pitch for Window Depot, view it more like a public service announcement for you and the people.  Replacing your windows and doors can save you money and help you live a little more comfortable.  We are based here in the southwest and we are already seeing temperatures in the triple digits.  Its so hot we can make breakfast on the concrete!

Upgrading will help reduce heat transfer into your home especially when you go to a vinyl or fiberglass window with dual pane low-e glass.  Switching to something like this helps cut down heat gain up to 80% depending on product line.  That is a big deal!  How many times have you held on to something for to long and then finally replaced it and kick yourself saying you should have done it earlier? Well your windows are the thing you need to let go of and replace!  We have so many customers who tell us once they are done replacing their windows how grateful they are they finally did it and how much quieter and cooler their home has become.

To end this public service announcement replace your windows and doors.  Beat the heat and live more comfortable.  We can help you come down and see us.  Remember we have the Best Price and Biggest Inventory.