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5 Popular Types of Modern Windows

When it comes to making an interior space feel light, airy, and inviting, no element accomplishes that goal like windows. By letting in natural sunlight and forming a visual connection to natural exterior landscapes, windows figuratively enliven and open up a room in any type of space.

When looking for new windows, both home and business owners should emphasize visual appeal as well as functionality to ensure new windows seamlessly fit into the structural and interior design of a particular room. Here is a brief look at five popular styles of modern windows to consider when browsing products at any window store:

Bay Windows

big bay windows in updated home

Also called bow windows, bay windows are an architectural treat. They create interesting angles in a room while also providing more interior space since they often protrude out from a house. Bay windows, which permit light to enter from various angles, are often comprised of a combination of windows, including double- or single-hung windows, casements, and/or a stationary window in the middle. They also include a spacious sill that is suitable for a window seat, plants or other decorations that can add allure to a room.

Single- and Double-Hung Windows

Most people are familiar with double- and single-hung windows, as they are the most common window type and fit in most locations thanks to their classic, decorative look. Double-hung windows include two movable sashes that slide vertically down and up in the frame. On single-hung windows, only the bottom sash is movable while the upper sash is stationary, which still allows for refreshing air flow in any space.

Slider Windows

As an optimal source for ample ventilation and clear exterior views,  slider windows are another common type of modern window. As the name implies, these windows can be easily opened horizontally by sliding one of the pieces within the frame. That being said, the structure of slider windows is fairly basic. They have no mechanical parts or tension mechanisms, which generally makes them a cost-effective option without sacrificing light or airflow.

Picture Windows

Because they are stationary and cannot be opened, picture windows are often incorporated into interior spaces multiple stories from the ground. Designed with large glass expanses that present framed “pictures” of the outdoors and let in a substantial amount of sunlight, picture windows are suitable for areas where airflow is not important. Situated in the right location they can provide a broad view of stunning vistas more enticing than any interior decoration could ever be.

Patio Doors

patio doors from outside deck porch

Although patio doors aren’t technically a type of window, they have a similar function as modern windows. They create a visual connection to the outdoors as well as an access point for ventilation and sunlight. This means that patio doors are simply a large type of window that people can also walk through in order to get outside to a deck or patio. They are often made from vinyl and function via horizontal sliding.

Selecting the right modern windows

When choosing the appropriate windows for a specific room or building, residents and property owners should consider these and other factors. Speaking with the experts at The Window Depot will give potential buyers more insight into a variety of new windows and new doors, their functions, and the advantages they present when installed in certain interior spaces. Stop by, call us, or visit our website to reach our team of experts!