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7 Ways to Repurpose Old Doors While Ringing in the New Year

When we think about projects for the new year, we tend to think about self-improvement—pick up a new hobby, practice better self-care, or learn a new skill. Home improvement, however, can also be a great goal for the new year. New windows and new doors can make a home feel new without fully renovating. Although they do leave you with one issue: finding a way to repurpose those old doors you’ve removed.

Sure, you could just let them go, but doors are investments and we often develop sentimental attachments to them. This is one reason projects that reuse old doors are so popular. To give you some inspiration for your upcoming home improvement projects, here are a few old door DIY ideas you can implement right in your home.

A Display Shelf

For old doors with plenty of character, keep them on display by using them to mount display shelves. The process is pretty simple: find a shelf or shelves that complement the style of the door, then attach it to the door the same way you would to a wall. Then, voila! You have a DIY door shelf!

To make this project safe and stable, be sure to hold the door in place by anchoring it—merely leaning it against a wall will not do. Anchoring it to the wall is the safest option. Visit your local home improvement store to purchase furniture anchors. Follow the directions to attach the door to your wall securely, and you’ll be all set!

Fun Kitchen Island

man sanding doorWith the right approach, your DIY home project can create new items out of the old ones. In addition to your new door, you can also create a new kitchen island by using your old door for the countertop. We love the idea of getting as much out of your projects as possible by upcycling.

Transforming a door into a kitchen island requires that you build a base that’s stable enough to support both the weight of the door and anything you plan to put on top of it. Keep in mind that kitchen gadgets and food can get pretty heavy. As you design your base, look for ways to add storage, such as shelving or drawers. The final project will result in a kitchen that’s more functional and has added character.

Unique Porch Swing

When homeowners replace their front door, it’s often because they have a specific vision for their entryway and their old door doesn’t quite fit the plan. If that old door is reworked into a porch swing, however, it could be the finishing touch your porch needs to feel warm and cozy. Fun, unique, and functional, this is one of our favorite ways to repurpose old doors. The door can serve as the “back” of the swing, where it will still serve as a highlight on your front porch.

A porch swing must be able to support the weight of at least two people and needs to be installed safely, so it’s important to consider this DIY home project if you have the help of someone experienced at heavy-duty furniture making. If you have the skills or an expert to help with this upcycled porch swing, this can be a rewarding project to use in one of your favorite family spaces.

Quirky Coffee Table

If your old door is smaller—say from a pantry—or you’re okay with cutting it down, a coffee table is another possible door DIY project for you. The process here is similar to making the kitchen island, but smaller in size with reduced weight requirements. As such, it’s a good option for those who aren’t as experienced with home improvement projects.

For doors with detailing, consider getting a glass or plexiglass tabletop, as this will provide you with a smooth surface which is more functional. Coffee tables made from heavy doors should be placed on casters (wheels) to make it easier to move the furniture when cleaning.

Useful Coat Rack

Out of all the ways to reuse old doors on this list, this might be the easiest. In fact, it requires just three steps. First, purchase the hooks you want to put on the door. Then, attach them to the door. Finally, secure the door to the wall.

Just like that, you have a unique coat rack for your entryway. If you want to make it a bit more useful or unique, you could also add a shelf for additional storage or add family photos in frames or behind small windows in the door.

Bar for Entertaining

Bars and drink stations are trending in home design. When repurposing your old door, you can get in on this home bar trend without spending much money. For this project, the process will be similar to turning your door into kitchen island or coffee table. Use the door as the countertop, add a base and cabinets or shelves if you wish, and you’ll have a quirky piece of furniture in your home for entertaining guests. Include a bottle opener somewhere on the side of the bar for functionality and you’ll have a trendy and practical item that will make your next dinner party that much better.

Desk or Workspace

As with previous projects in this list, create a DIY desk by using the old door as your desk surface. Give it four legs and stabilize the cross sections—if needed—with a plexiglass or a glass top. The top will create a smooth surface that’s more conducive to work. It will also turn the old door into an attractive and functional desk for you to work on.

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