9 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Resale 

When planning your home resale, put bathroom remodeling at the top of the to-do list. Most buyers want a master bath as well as a family bathroom and a powder room for guests. But these days, just having enough bathrooms isn’t enough.

Buyers expect your home’s bathrooms to go beyond the standard and incorporate unique features they can’t find elsewhere. And giving them what they want pays off. Remodeling a bath usually provides a 60-65 percent return on investment.

Consider these bathroom remodeling ideas to get the most from your home’s sale.

Maximize shelf space

Space is often at a premium in bathrooms, so maximize shelf space in your bathroom remodeling plans. Look for creative ways to incorporate shelving, where you can neatly stow towels, washcloths, toiletries, and more.

Waterfall shower

You’ve probably imagined showering under a refreshing waterfall. Chances are your home’s new owners have, too. Install a waterfall showerhead along with rough-hewn stone walls to create a grotto-like shower escape.

Make a statement

A statement bathtub in the master bath will set your home apart. Think clawfoot, jetted, freestanding, soaker — anything that will make buyers move your home to the top of their list.

White, white, white

A white bathroom becomes a beautifully clean and fresh retreat. Plus, it’s the perfect color palette for new owners to make their own. Installing white counters and cabinets is a great way to create an inviting bathroom en blanc.

Make it minimalistic and rustic

Bathroom remodels don’t have to be high-end. Opt for understated elegance with concrete floors, an open wood vanity, simple sinks, and frameless mirrors. Add a rustic wooden ladder as a towel rack and plenty of soft, white towels to tie the room together.

Go industrial sleek

White and black geometric tile flooring, a black door, subway tiles on the walls, and brass fixtures create a perfectly polished bathroom. The right light fixture will tie the room together, giving it warmth and definition.

Au naturel, anyone?

Using natural materials like blonde wood cabinetry and limestone flooring will create a zen-like space where you can relax and unwind. Use simple, sleek fixtures and simple colors to ensure a peaceful vibe.

Add some light

Depending on how your house is situated, install large windows that let natural light pour into your space. Glass and metal accents will capture glimmers of sunlight, making the space shine with elegance.

Texturize the walls

Wallpaper is a great way to add interest to your bathroom. After all, you can only do so much with paint colors. Choose an understated pattern for all four walls or opt for a trendy floral style on an accent wall.

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