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Add a Stylish Touch to Any Room Using Moulding Accents

An important feature that sets apart an impressive room is the attention laid on mouldings. Mouldings add to the architectural value and aesthetic beauty of your home. For home remodeling and home improvement, it is a good idea to upgrade the mouldings. These can add width and depth to the room, impacting its overall appearance.
There are three types of moulding:

1. Primary trim

This is one of the most popular installations. It consists of crown mouldings, casings, and baseboards. Generally, it plugs the gaps between two areas and so, serves an important function. Apart from this, it can be highly attractive and lend a stylish tone to the room.

2. Design enhancing trim

This trim consists of panel moulding, chair rail, and architraves, which help give a special dimension to the room. Doorways and walls with these touches help make an impression.

3. Decorative trim 

This is an intricate design that is imprinted on the moulding. It gives particular accents to a room.

How Moulding Can Enhance a Room

Gives a clean look

Mouldings can be highlighted with a pristine white which makes everything look spic and span. It also creates a distinct contrast to the walls.

Makes a small space appear larger

Crown moulding covers flaws in the transition from the wall to the ceiling while adding beauty as well. If you paint the ceiling and crown moulding the same color, it will make a room with a low ceiling appear taller and grander. By emphasizing the base and ceiling, crown moulding gives the room strength and character.

Emphasizes decorative details

Moulding helps highlight the decorative details of the room. For example, if the ceiling has a chandelier or there is a beautiful picture on the wall, moulding makes it easily noticeable.

Protects from scratches

Casing or trim which covers one side of the wall to the other serves an essential function. It protects the surface of the wall from scratches and day-to-day erosion. As a result, the wall lasts longer and is better maintained compared to a wall without trim.

Highlights outside views

Window casings help to create standout frames, which in turn highlight the beautiful views outside. Stained window casings especially give a visual appeal to the room.

Offsets colors to add beauty

If the crown moulding has the same color as the ceiling and walls, it can serve as a contrast to the color of the furniture in the room.  This kind of color coordination can help make a room beautiful effortlessly. If a white room is uses bold, contrasting trim, it helps make a strong statement.

Creates transitions between rooms

In case of two adjacent rooms, a cased opening is an appropriate transition. It indicates a separation between the two rooms without interrupting the flow.

Adds elegance

When mouldings are of the same color as the wall but have a semigloss enamel finish, they can give an elegant look to the room. This kind of finishing touch is attractive and sophisticated, serving to upgrade the environment.

Makes boring rooms look fun

Certain interior spaces, such as the bathroom and kitchen, are typically drab and boring. You go to these rooms simply to get certain tasks done. Not much thought is given on the décor. However, decorative moulding in these rooms can make them look lively and exciting. For kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, an appropriate moulding can work wonders. It can make you look forward to carrying out apparently mundane tasks such as taking your bath and cooking.

Softens the starkness

If a room is darker and appears gloomy, you can soften it by installing a trim of a cool color. For example, a white or pale blue trim can add a soothing factor to a room that is dark or in which there is little entry of sunlight.

There are so many advantages both stylistically and in the function of moulding. Whether you live in Arizona, California, Texas, or New Mexico, The Window Depot is the perfect home improvement store for choosing the right moulding. As a means of cost-effective home improvement, we can give your home an amazing look. So, what are you waiting for? Call 00-593-4740 today!