Bedroom Window Replacement 101

Drafty windows and doors make for miserable winters. Excessive energy bills aren’t good news either, but cold rooms and high energy costs are two huge disadvantages to neglecting outdated windows. If your bedroom is ready for an update to bring in the new decade, The Window Depot has experts you can trust.

How Do I Know if My Bedroom Windows Need to be Replaced?

This is a question we hear every day, and the answer is easy if you use our simple checklist:

  • Replace windows that feature warped, cracked, or broken sills or frames.
  • Replace windows that have been installed for more than twenty years.
  • Replace windows that allow drafts to enter.

You may also want to consider replacing windows in your bedroom if they’re single-pane, older-style ones that are easily breached. Safety is just as big a concern as outrageous energy bills when it comes to window replacement. Windows that have been painted shut or warped to the point where they no longer open also need replacing, as they’re unsafe in the event of a fire. Windows that are too small for a person to escape through during a fire should also be scrapped.

Which Windows are Best for My Bedroom?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing windows for a bedroom. Your new windows should fit your home’s style. They should be energy-efficient, with bonus points for allowing tons of natural light to enter. Windows that feature low-E glass is also preferential because it blocks the effects of harmful UV rays that can fade carpets and furniture. Low-e glass also reflects heat in such a way that rooms stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The ideal bedroom window meets all of these requirements while providing lasting quality for years. Replace the old bedroom windows in your home with windows such as these, and you won’t have to worry about them again for decades or longer.

When Is the Best Time to Replace My Bedroom Windows?

The best time to think about replacing windows is during a renovation or when you’re already remodeling other areas of your home. Buying windows in bulk may help you score better prices on materials and installation. You might also want to choose a mild season, such as spring or fall, when outdoor temperatures are moderate. While it doesn’t take long to replace a single window, replacing multiple windows will affect the indoor temperature and humidity inside your home while installers are there.

How Do I Find Bedroom Windows I’ll Love?

This is where the experts at The Window Depot can help. Our representatives are window and door experts. They can help guide you to windows that have all the features you’ll need in a bedroom, such as:

  • Double-hung or casement windows that give you more control over airflow when opened.
  • Operable windows that allow you to escape your bedroom if needed.
  • Architectural windows that add upscale appeal when used in conjunction with operable windows.

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