7 Benefits of Replacing Your Windows in Autumn

The idea of it might make you—and your wallet—cringe, but if you own a home or business in Tucson, you will eventually need to replace your windows. Once you start to notice signs that indicate you need new windows, it is time to plan when you will do it. Our advice? Always replace Tucson windows in autumn.
Why this season in particular? Because it offers you numerous benefits. Here are just seven benefits to changing out your windows in the fall months.

1. The Weather Is Excellent

Your windows do a lot more than just let the light in and give you a view of your surroundings; they also help to regulate the temperature in your home. When you replace your windows, you have to accept that your home or business is going to be window-free for at least the day that the windows are installed.
In the summer, that would mean having a sweltering-hot building and spending a lot on electricity to get the temperature back down once the windows are in. In the winter, the temperatures may not be as extreme, but you can still expect them to be chilly for the area. Save yourself discomfort and energy costs by working with a Tucson window company in the fall.

2. Quality Windows Are Vital in Winter

Now, we know what you are thinking: This is Tucson, and winters here are hardly unbearable. And that is true. Those who call this city home enjoy an average high of 66 degrees throughout the winter months. But the lows? They can dip down into the 40s, and hitting freezing temperatures isn’t unheard of. Rather than battling a drafty and chilly house at night, get your winter windows ready by replacing them with better options that seal correctly. You will be amazed by the difference.

3. Cold Weather Shrinks Your House

Those cold nighttime temperatures we mentioned? They can do more than just make you shiver under your covers; they can actually shrink your house. While this is something completely natural and non-preventable, it does make installing windows more difficult. In general, you want to install windows when your house is neither expanding nor contracting due to the temperature, as it ensures the most comfortable and flexible fit. Consider making installing new windows part of your “winter prep” this year.

4. You Will Get the Project in Before the End of the Fiscal Year

Did you know that if your purchase items for an eco-friendly home, you can use those products to get money taken off your taxes? Yes, believe it or not, you can benefit from tax rebates when you make certain home improvements. By completing window replacement in the fall, you can get this rebate in before the end of the fiscal year and use them to your advantage come April 15th! That is powerful motivation to start moving towards a green home.

5. Cut Down on Heating and Cooling Bills

Speaking of going green, another way new windows will help your bank account and the environment is by lowering your energy bills. Windows that are sealed correctly and made from quality glass and other materials help you practice energy conservation by holding warm air in when it is cold outside and keeping warm air out when it is hot outside. This means your HVAC system doesn’t work so hard, cutting down on electric costs and even extending the life of your heating and cooling system.

6. Company Schedules Are Wide Open

When do most people replace their windows? In general, late spring and into summer. Why do they do this when many think fall window replacement is best? For various reasons, from the spring-cleaning bug to having a little extra money to spend.
However, this means that Tucson window companies have their schedules wide open for autumn window replacement. Not only will you not need to wait long for service, but the chances are good that there will be special discounts available to you. And isn’t the best time of year to replace your windows when the project is the most affordable for you?

7. The Start of the Quarter Is When Deals Start

Yes, we already noted that window companies are likely to offer discounts at this time, but what about the window manufacturers? Yep, you guessed it: fall is also when they start listing their deals. They know that across the United States, people are less likely to replace their windows once the weather turns cold, so if they want to move their merchandise before the end of the year, this is the time to do it. Why not take advantage of their need to clear their inventory?

Signs Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

While windows are a key part of our business, we know that homeowners and business owners are not exactly jumping at the opportunity to replace their windows. As affordable as our products and services are, it is still a major expense, and most would prefer to put it off until it is absolutely necessary. So, what are some signs that your windows need to be replaced sooner rather than later?

  1. The glass in your windows is single-pane rather than double pane, making them break more easily and less effective in maintaining indoor temperatures.
  2. There is damage to the window frame; while some damage can be fixed, warped or broken frames require replacement.
  3. Your energy bills are increasing more than they should; believe it or not, old and ineffective windows can increase your energy bills by as much as 25 percent.
  4. You are noticing things seem a bit loud as of late; this could be a sign that there is something wrong with your windows or that your neighborhood is noisier than it used to be and you need more soundproofing.
  5. There is a child in the home and the safety features on your current window are not enough or are not functioning properly.

Ready to Replace Your Windows?

If you have a space in need of new windows, be sure to contact us at The Window Depot, no matter the season! From replacing a broken living room window to a full kitchen renovation, our team can get you the supplies you need at a price that’s right for you!