6 Ways to Decorate Doors and Windows for the Holidays

‘Tis the season! While it may be a bit early to start decorating for Christmas—depending on who you ask—there’s no reason you can’t start planning your holiday decorations. If you’ve recently completed some home improvement projects—such as installing new windows or new doors—what a festive idea to feature these beautiful new additions in your décor strategy. Here are a few fun ideas for holiday window decorations and holiday door decorations that are sure to delight.

1. Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass is beautiful, but it isn’t ideal for every home. Holiday windows that do feature stained glass somehow make the home feel even cozier. To get the look, you don’t need to invest in all new windows for your home—you don’t even need to purchase a stained-glass window hanging. Instead, you can create temporary stained glass windows with tissue paper.

Part of what makes this option so great is how highly customizable it is. You can fill an entire window with it or just section off a small area—perhaps in the center—to feature your design. Try different designs for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and if you’ve got little ones, they can safely participate in the fun. All you need is tissue paper, water-soluble glue, scissors, and a plan.

2. A DIY Wreath

When it comes to holiday doors, no item is as classic as a wreath. It’s easy to go to any big box or décor store and purchase a pre-made one but making a wreath can be so much fun. This holiday season take the time to make your own. Wreathes are incredibly simple to make, and fun to boot. They work as décor for most any holiday, meaning you can make one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, or decide to combine them and create a more general fall and winter weather theme.

To make your own, get a wreath base (Styrofoam works well and is affordable), then gather the items you’d like to decorate it with. For a more traditional look, use fake flowers and greens to fill it in, then do it with small accents. For something a little more unique, try using fabric scraps to wrap around the wreath base, then accent it with flowers, greens, holiday characters, or a big bow. To make it extra personal, consider using old holiday pajamas or other items of personal importance for the fabric scraps.

3. Bold and Silly Holiday Doors

You may want your front doors and windows to be seasonal yet refined, but when it comes to the inside of your home, you can have a lot of fun. For interior door decoration, take inspiration from the masters: teachers! Elementary schools always feature fun door displays and their holiday choices are bold, creative, and oftentimes silly. In most cases, the kids can join in on the fun and even design their own door decorations. Have the kids decorate their bedroom doors and have a contest if your family loves a healthy competition.

For ideas, do a Pinterest search for “classroom holiday door décor.” You’ll be impressed with what you find. As an added benefit, holiday door decorations are often affordable and chances are good that you can get everything you need at your local dollar store.

4. A Holiday Entryway for Your Home

Start with a holiday wreath, then expand your holiday décor from there. Your holiday decorations can encompass the entire entryway to your home—think genuine curb appeal. Create a look that makes your front door space really pop against the rest of the house and warmly invites guests to enter.

There are various ways you can pull this together, but we suggest including a few key elements. First, create a holiday frame around your doorway. You can do this with garland, lights, ribbons, or any combination thereof. Next, add a door hanging—try the above-mentioned wreath or any other holiday door decoration. After that, accent the design you’ve got going with a fun holiday doormat. Finish the look with a few accent items on either side of the door, such as a fun snowman, reindeer, or small trees. Just like that, you’ll have a pulled-together design that’s just perfect for the season.

5. Peel and Stick Window Decals

If holiday window decorations that require minimal effort and planning are more your style, opt for peel and stick window decals. You can find these at any big box store as well as online and at your local dollar store. These decals are super simple to put up and you can move them around without any trouble. As an extra benefit, if you keep the paper they came on, you can easily store them away for next year rather than buying new ones.

To make these a bit more fun, look for spray snow that you can spray on your windows to give a faux-post-blizzard look. You can also combine sets of decals to create a unique scene. This option is a simple one but also leaves a lot of room for creativity.

6. Ornaments

Traditionally part of decorating the tree, ornaments look beautiful when hanging in windows, too. This is a trend that’s just starting to catch on and is a great way to achieve unique holiday windows. If you tend to keep your curtains open or you have two sets—decorative and sheer curtains—you can simply hang the ornaments from the curtain rod.

To make the look more dynamic, choose rope, ribbon, or yarn to hang the ornaments on that complements them and your overall décor. Also take care to vary the lengths, which create a pattern and add interest to the design. With this, your new windows are sure to shine!

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