Choose the Best Cabinets for Your Home Remodel

While remodeling your home, choosing your cabinets is a major decision. This is because cabinets have a major impact on the overall appearance of your home. In fact, cabinets are one of the first things that people notice when you enter a room or the kitchen. They help give a vibe to the kitchen that can either invite you or drive you away. So it is important to take time to make your choice.

Questions to Consider before Choosing Cabinets

  1. What do you dislike about your cabinets?

You want to list what exactly you dislike about your current cabinets before you go for home remodeling. Perhaps your current cupboards do not have enough space or they are made in a style that does not suit you. The more aware you are about what is missing in your current furniture, the more focused you will be when selecting the most appropriate closet to purchase.

  1. What is the decor of your home?

The choice of your cabinets needs to blend with the style of your home. This is also important in the case of kitchen cabinets. For example, if your kitchen is a pale yellow and the cabinets that you choose are bright red or orange, they are bound to be a mismatch. Going by this logic, updated European style cabinets will suit a contemporary kitchen just as period cabinets will work well for classic antique homes.

  1. How long will you stay in the remodeled home?

The time span of how long you will live in the house is an important factor in choosing your cabinets. If you intend to stay in your present home for a long period, you want cabinets that are durable, and that you love. However, if you plan to sell your home soon, it is better to invest in an economic cabinetry that does the job. There is no point to go for kitchen remodeling on a grand scale if you are trying to sell.

  1. Do you really need new cabinets or simply a renovation?

You want to consider whether you are really looking for cabinet replacement or merely a facelift of your current cabinets. If your cupboards are in good condition and you only want a refreshment, you could choose from the following options:

  • Re-facing

This involves re-skinning the cupboards with laminate veneer or new wood.

  • Substituting doors and hinges

New cabinets are not needed if the problem lies in the doors and hinges alone, in which case a replacement will suffice.

  • Replacing knobs and handles

Putting new knobs and handles in place of old ones will change the look of your present cupboards.

These can make way for a cost-effective home improvement without having to bother about making entirely new purchases.

  1. Do you need cabinets for an outdoor kitchen or laundry room?

While cabinets for outdoor locations are basically the same as those meant for indoors, they need to be made from materials that can withstand the elements. So, you need to keep in mind other criteria while choosing outdoor cabinets.

  1. Are you looking for eco-friendly cupboards?

If you want to make eco-friendly choices, you could choose products made from bamboo, wheat board or reclaimed wood. Metal and plastic cupboards, on the other hand, are easy on the pocket and more convenient to install.

For making the best choices in cabinets, you also need to keep in mind the various components of cabinets:

  • Style of the doors

The doors could be conventionally made of wood or plastic. Or there could be glass cabinet doors which put your best dishes on display.

Among the range of doors, you could have the standard swinging doors, or corner drawers and pocket doors to enable the best utilization of your closet space. An appropriate use of doors can help make your cabinets more functional.

  • Hardware style

After choosing your cabinets, you need to choose the hardware. If you have flat-panel cabinets, simple and contemporary pulls look good.

In case of raised-panel cabinetry, classic, old-world fixtures fit best.

  • Colors

One way of home improvement is to add color to your cabinetry. If you want to add two different colors, it’s a good idea to contrast a single bright color with neutral finishes.

Stains are an excellent way to make your cabinets colorful without hiding the wood’s beauty. Depending on the color of your room, you could choose blue, green or brown stains.

Given the importance of cabinetry in your home, you want to pay attention to the concerned points to make the right choice. To make your task easier, access the ideal home improvement store at the Window Depot. All the help you need is just a call away at 800-593-4740.