Home Renovation: New Door Knobs and Home Safety

If you're considering a home upgrade in your remodeling, one area you might consider changing is your front door. The entryway door is the face of your modern home. There are many choices to help you build the perfect character to your entryway. Not only do you have options to make it appealing in design, but new door locks can make it both beautiful and more secure for your family.

At The Window Depot, we pride ourselves on being more than just a window store. Our supply of new door locks and door accessories allow you to choose the right design, finish, and security measures to fit your family and home. 

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Window Depot Door Locks and Accessories

Your door accessories should be both functional and match the design of the door and building. A modern lever door handle, for example, goes best in a room or building with modern architecture. It would look out of place if you were to install that type of accessory on a classically designed or old fashioned door. Especially if the building itself is Victorian, for instance.

Your accessory choices for your door lock, knob, and hinges will depend on the type of building, the type of door, and the people who will use it. We have many styles and designs to choose from. Here we'd like to offer some ideas for your needs:

  • Old Fashioned Options. If you have an old home, you don't have to settle for old fashioned security. There are new lock sets explicitly designed to match older architectural aesthetics so that you can have the same excellent security without sacrificing classing lines. Take, for instance, the Princeton Handleset. This design is perfect for an entrance with more traditional flavor.
  • Traditional Knob Locks. Knob locks are standard security features that have been a staple on interior and exterior doors for years. They provide convenient entry and locking mechanisms to help protect your home or a room within your home.
  • Extra Security. A knob lock is a common measure that allows for convenient locking and entrance. To add to this security, many homeowners prefer to add a deadbolt, allowing for two locks on the same door and a little added security feature to help protect entryways.
  • Lever Door Knobs. Lever accessories are available in a variety of designs that match several decors. The Queen Entrance Lever, for instance, provides a locking mechanism in the handle for entryways or interior doors. For extra security, you can add a deadbolt, as well. For something a bit more modern, you might prefer a sleeker model, such as the Hollywood Lever.

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