Brown wooden cabinets inside of a homes kitchen with marble countertops

How to Choose Cabinets for Your Home

What are the Best Cabinets for My Home?

After picking a paint color, flooring, countertops, and windows, cabinets tend to slide down the priority list during a home remodel or renovation. These important home storage components deserve a place at the top, however – as they provide form and function. If you’re wondering which cabinet doors would look good in your new kitchen, you may be overwhelmed at the variety of cabinet colors and styles available to purchase online. No need to worry, concentrate on these main points to make cabinet-shopping a breeze:

What size cabinets do I need?

Even before determining the appearance of your new cabinets, you’ll need to figure out if they’ll fit where you need them to. If you’re gearing up for a kitchen remodel, mark where your current cabinets “sit” on the wall. Once they’re removed, you’ll be able to visualize how new kitchen cabinets in a different size will look in their place. Consider if your cabinets of choice will have enough clearance for opening doors. Also, think about the interior space and make sure it will be best for the items you intend to store, such as sheet pans and drinking pitchers.

What color or finish do I want? 

If you’re choosing new cabinets for the first time, you might be worried that your chosen cabinet finish will clash with your kitchen decor or new countertop material. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask the experts or take a cue from catalogs and other marketing materials. The expert staff at the Window Depot will be able to tell you which colors and finishes look the best together, and which ones may clash or look dated.

How many cabinets do I want?

Knowing the total number of cabinets you plan on installing will ensure an accurate quote. Use a measuring tape, a pencil, and a friend or spouse to mark where you’d like your cabinets to begin or end on the wall. Knowing the total square footage and space to be filled will help guide your cabinet selection process. When measuring, don’t forget to subtract the width of kickplates, borders, crown moldings, and overhangs that may surround your cabinets.

Will I need any in-cabinet features?Cabinet in kitchen being opened to see the different shelve levels on the inside

When you choose cabinets for your kitchen or another room of the home, think of them as a part of the decor rather than just boxes for storage. Will you need glass-front doors? Interior lighting? Spaces for electrical plugs inside the cabinets themselves? These potential modifications should be discussed with your Window Depot expert before your kitchen remodel for accurate pricing and scheduling.

Choosing The Best Cabinets For You at The Window Depot

When you select cabinets that complement and flatter your home’s decor, you’re creating a room you’ll love to spend time in. Beautiful, professionally-installed cabinets from The Window Depot will make your kitchen more welcoming and can even improve the value of your home, as part of a kitchen remodel. If you’ve been living with outdated, painted-over cabinets, sticky hinges, or an outdated look in your kitchen, it’s time for a change. Call The Window Depot today and start the selection process for your perfect new cabinets today!