Milgard "Clearly The Best"

Milgard and The Window Depot teamed up and the combination has been a great success. It is wonderful to have another quality product line available to our customers. Not only is Milgard a quality product but they offer a full lifetime warranty which most other window manufacturers do not offer.

The difference between full lifetime warranty and limited lifetime warranty is limited lifetime warranty typically means parts only no labor and definitely no glass breakage coverage. Full lifetime warranty from Milgard means parts, labor and glass breakage is covered.

Milgard is much more than just a warranty, with over 50 years of experience manufacturing high-quality windows, they are a brand that is widely known. Milgard offer aluminum windows, aluminum thermally broken windows, vinyl windows, painted vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, and wood windows. With awards like, “Best Quality Vinyl in the Nation” eight times and “Most Used Vinyl Window” five times by BUILDER magazine, it is hard to compete with the Milgard brand.

We recently became Milgard’s largest Arizona dealer and we see the business only getting bigger in our other markets. Stop by today and ask your local Window Depot about Milgard.