New Countertops 101

This kitchen is one of the most commonly-renovated rooms of a home, owing in no small part to its outsized impact on home value. In short, an attractive kitchen typically translates to a beautiful bottom line during a closing, which means that the aesthetics used to create it should be carefully planned out. Countertops are second only to appliances (or cabinet hardware, depending on which contractor you ask) in terms of “dating” a kitchen – old, worn-out surfaces or unpopular colors can drag down the appeal of the entire kitchen. When you’ve made the smart decision to replace them, a few tips can go a long way to making the process as smooth as, well, their finish!

Prepping For New Countertops

When you work with The Window Depot to shop for, select, and have your new countertops installed, you can expect professional service from start to finish. That doesn’t mean, however, that countertop installation is mess-free! While the pros of installing new counters definitely outweigh the cons, it can be easy to forget when you have nowhere to set your dishes or prepare a meal. Be prepared to relinquish the use of your kitchen for a day or two while the installation finishes – your contractor can give you an accurate estimate of time. Plan to eat out at restaurants or arrange takeout delivery until your new counters are in place, and eat in a dining room or living room to keep any dust and debris from traveling prior to post-project cleanup.

Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

During kitchen remodels, countertop material is one of the hardest decisions for many homeowners to make. The two most popular choices – quartz and granite – each have distinct pros and cons. Both countertops start their price range at $80 a square foot installed on the low end, but quartz levels off at $140 a square foot for premium varieties, while granite can fetch $175 or more, depending on type.

Granite Countertops Are:

  • Completely natural, they are made of a single slab of mined stone.
  • Porous: they will require a unique cleanser and care to eliminate bacteria.
  • Challenging to color-match: they come in the hues of nature, not necessarily decor palettes.
  • Naturally resistant to heat, and will typically not discolor if a hot pan is placed on them.

Quartz Countertops Are:

  • Manmade composites: they are created by adding quartz stone dust to a minimal amount of acrylic binder.
  • Non-porous: they will not absorb bacteria.
  • Not heat resistant: they may discolor or warp if a hot pan is placed on the surface.
  • Easy to color match: they come in almost every hue.

Countertop Installation to Improve Home Value

From the wood of your home’s beams and studs to the quality of your carpeting, the surfaces that define your home are the first things to tempt potential buyers. Countertops, as the centerpiece of one of the most popular rooms, can instantly captivate buyers and overshadow the “little issues” that might make them rethink an offer. While there are costs involved with installing new kitchen counters in your Southwest home, The Window Depot makes the process as easy and affordable as possible. The benefits of your new counters are a home value increase as well as a relatively low mess, low-cost home improvement you’ll love. With locations in Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque, El Paso, Texas, and National City, you’ll always know that our business has a location near you, waiting to help.