Bedroom that contains two large window seats

Pretty and Stylish Windows: Your Renovation Inspiration

If you’ve been browsing new windows for renovation in your home, don’t concentrate on function alone. Sturdy, energy-efficient windows are a great place to start, but stylish windows are just as easy to install and admire. Take a page out of a global decor book for your renovation inspiration and consider these fun alternatives for your new windows:

Bay Windows

A bay window or bow window extends outward from the exterior wall of your home and typically consists of a central panel with two angled flanking panels. This window structure is ideal for making the most out of scenic views and can be paired with a low shelf for display. Older bay window styles often used shutters or rounded edges at the top for effect, but today’s bay designs use modern windows that are typically rectangular on all sides, making them easier and faster to install.

Fanlight WindowsFront door of an apartment building with a fanlight window above the door

The power of natural light is one of the best ways to bring out a room’s best features, and fanlight windows do a superb job. While discussing your plans for the installation of new doors with a professional at The Window Depot, ask to see fanlight door models that will fit your home’s exterior door frames. These half-moon windows are incorporated into the top half of exterior doors, allowing more sunlight into your home. They also give the interior space behind the door an airy, welcoming feel.

Window Seats

Similar in home improvement styles to a bay window, a window seat emphasizes the comfort and functionality of the window “bump-out” in the wall. When incorporating one of these elegant features in a home renovation plan, an alcove is created in a window installation wall and finished with a permanent or removable couch or divan. This way, the homeowner can use the space as a reading nook, or as extra seating for company. For added versatility, easy-open windows can be installed behind the seating area to let fresh breezes in while you’re catching up on the latest novel in your new window seat.


When considering windows for renovation, many homeowners forget about one of the best ways to let natural light in – skylights. Typically installed in the uppermost ceiling of the home, modern skylight options have created several new, unique placement opportunities in the house. These include products like the Solatube, a metal cylinder that offers natural sunlight without needing to be installed via the roof. If stylish windows aren’t bringing in enough illumination during the day, adding a skylight can deliver both form and function in your favorite spaces.

All About Windows at The Window Depot

Windows are more than a tool to see the world outside. They’re also one of the most visible and memorable parts of your home’s design. Home windows help regulate temperature, keep energy bills down, and deliver interior illumination during the day, saving you money on electricity costs. Ensure interior comfort, exterior beauty, and a curb appeal that will make your neighbors envious. Call The Window Depot today and ask one of our dedicated window installation professionals for recommendations, quotes, and advice for making modern windows a part of your home.