Realistic Ways to Maximize a Small Space

Smaller houses and apartments can be a challenge to decorate without having them look and feel crowded. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to make small rooms look more spacious. Keep the following tips in mind when decorating small homes.

Switch to Bigger Windows

If your home has small windows, changing to larger ones can make the room seem much roomier. Large windows, such as picture windows, let more natural light into your home, making smaller rooms or spaces appear more open. It’s best to have more window space than wall space in smaller areas. Keep in mind that you can have multiple smaller windows taken out and replaced with a larger one. Doing this helps open up smaller rooms. If you’re unable to have more sizable windows installed, you can get a similar effect by having more windows added to a smaller space.

Sliding Glass Doors

If you have a traditional exterior door that opens onto a patio, deck, or yard, consider switching to sliding glass doors. These doors take up more wall space than regular doors, which lets in more light and makes your home look roomier. With sliding glass doors, you’ll also have better views of your yard and surrounding area. These doors offer a way to blend your indoor and outdoor living areas, which creates a more spacious effect inside your house.

Interior and Exterior Doors with Windows

Interior doors are usually solid, which can make rooms feel smaller when they’re closed. When you have a home with several separate, closed-off rooms, it can feel cramped. Replacing one or more of the traditional interior doors with doors that have glass or windows can open these spaces up. While you might not want this type of door for bedrooms or bathrooms due to privacy concerns, you can choose them for other rooms. For example, you can have an interior door with windows or glass between your kitchen and living room or dining area. If you have solid exterior doors, consider switching to ones with a window or glass to make your home look and feel bigger.

Bay Windows

Bay windows can open up smaller areas while also providing a nook for sitting or reading. You can replace smaller windows with bay windows that extend out from your home. These windows form a semi-circular shape that adds indoor space to bedrooms, living rooms, or other rooms by creating more seating options while bringing in more light. In addition to offering a more spacious effect, these windows let in more natural light and provide clearer views of your outdoor surroundings.

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