Is it Time to Replace Your Front Door?

Sometimes it is easy to take your front door for granted. However, a well-functioning and an attractive front door can work wonders in making an impression on visitors. It also makes you feel good each time you enter your home. If you are considering home remodeling, the front door is the easiest way to make a big difference.

Apart from improving the beauty of the home, a front door has important functions. These range from preventing intruders from breaking in, to withstanding daily wear and tear. Your door plays a vital role in your home and now it may be time to replace it.
Consider the following factors to find out:

  • Level of Security Offered

If your door doesn’t feel secure, it is time to replace it. The primary purpose of your front door is to provide safety and security. While a wooden door is economic they do have downfalls. Wooden doors absorb moisture and can warp, can become infested by termites, need to be refinished frequently to maintain a quality appearance and are easier to break down or kick in. In comparison, doors made of steel and fiberglass are sturdy, energy efficient and require less maintenance. Steel doors have an extra layer of protection which makes them more secure and less prone to tampering.
Of course, a good lock system is also essential for any front door you choose.

  • Convenience to Open

With today’s state-of-the-art technology, opening and locking doors are easy and convenient. No more lost keys, no more fumbling around in your purse or pockets. You can select a system where a push pad is a use or a system that is connected to your smartphone and can be operated remotely. Whether you choose traditional locking systems or high tech locking systems, be sure to choose a reputable manufacturer.

  • Curb Appeal

For cost-effective home improvement, upgrading your front door is a great option. You can replace the old door with a new one which can instantly upgrade the appeal of your home. Plus, if you plan on selling your home, the door serves as the key focal point of your home and can enhance the value of your home.

  • Insect Damage or Water Damage

If the door has suffered infestation by insects or water damage, it may be time to replace it. These kinds of damages significantly diminish the quality of the door. As a result, your home is easier to break into. When the quality of a door is compromised, it also becomes vulnerable to future damage. As exterior doors are a vital part of every house, it is important to ensure that they are strong and damage-free.

  • Degree of Wear and Tear

As time passes, doors will show signs of wear and tear. In fact, wooden doors tend to expand and contract in the summers and winters as the temperature varies. Also, they are kicked, slammed and subjected to daily use. Over time, this can create stress fractures and cracks in the doors exposing your family to intruders, insects, outside elements and higher electric bills. Depending on these signs, if your door is showing a high level of wear and tear, you should consider investing in a new one.

  • Amount of Energy Efficiency

Because of wear and tear over time, older doors and their framing tend to wear out. If there is a draft around your door, it means that outside air is entering your home. This interferes with the temperature indoors. This problem can drastically increase your energy bills and make your home uncomfortable. If this is the case, it is a good idea to purchase a new door as it will have a
higher energy efficiency.

If you don’t love your current door, then it’s time to upgrade! Improve the beauty, security and functionality of your home by replacing your front door. Whether you live in Arizona, California, Texas, or New Mexico, The Window Depot is the perfect home improvement store for choosing the right front door. We offer a large variety of well-designed doors, all at amazing prices.

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