Skylight domes on top of a homes roof

Skylight Dome Replacement and You – Things to Know

Beautiful, bright, and natural lighting makes your house feel like a home, especially when skylights are concerned. Like replacement windows, these attractive portals to the skies above need replacement and updating over time. With windows, the telltale signs are relatively easy to spot – worn flashing or sills, “sticking” tracks, and so on – but worn skylights can be harder to detect.

It’s essential to make sure both your skylights and windows keep the weather out. How do you know when it’s time for a skylight replacement? Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Replace skylights with roof workRoofer working on putting roof shingles on to replace skylights

A new or significantly rebuilt roof will only provide so much protection and insulation if it’s built around an older skylight. Replacing one during a roof renovation will limit the construction time and give you the ability to “update” indoors as well. By determining the placement and size you’ll need, you’ll be able to direct natural light inside your home exactly where you want it. With both traditional domes and innovative skylight alternatives like Solatubes available from The Window Depot, you’ll have a variety of skylight replacement options. 

Lingering moisture means it’s time for an upgrade

Condensation occurs naturally on the glass. Windows and skylights included. While it isn’t necessarily a cause for concern if it lingers, there may be a problem. Condensation should only appear on the side exposed to humidity – the outer surface – when your home is air-conditioned in the summer – and shouldn’t stick around. If you notice beaded drops of condensation that remain for hours or days, it likely means the seal of your skylight is compromised, and the entire unit should be replaced.

Air drafts mean it’s replacement time

If you notice a winter draft or unwanted heat in the summer when standing in a skylight-equipped room, your skylight may be aging out. In addition to physical problems that require a skylight dome replacement, the framing and seal around the edges can dry out or rot away. When this happens, your utility bills go through the roof – no pun intended – because your HVAC system needs to work harder to compensate. If you notice a dip in ambient comfort or a hike in your utility bill, your skylight may be the culprit.

Physical damage, cracks, or leaks mean that you need a replacement ASAPcracks in roof from condensation in skylight domes

Cracks in both windows and skylights mean the same thing: your glass surface is no longer weather-resistant or water-tight, and the entire structure is compromised. In a roof-mounted unit like a skylight, this is particularly worrisome: weight from animals, heavy rainfall, or snow could cause the dome to shatter into the home, causing severe damage and injury. Avoid the headache of interior damage and look for a new skylight from The Window Depot ahead of time. Cracks and leaks are the signs your current skylight is ready to retire.

A new skylight in your home will change the look and feel of your favorite rooms for the better, and may also help with your energy bills. In some cases, they can also potentially offer tax credit eligibility. If you want to start transforming your roof and ceiling, start with a call to our experts at The Window Depot. Our team can help with suggestions, advice, and an appointment to get your new home renovations started right away.