Skylights: Add Natural Light & Beauty to Your Home

Skylights are a perfect way to light up your home and add an attractive accent to the decor. It not only makes the interior space look spacious but has other benefits too. The right skylight for your home can work wonders in making an impression and creating a cheerful setting.
Adding a skylight to your home has the following advantages:

    1. Improves Health

Skylights allow natural light into your home, which provides Vitamin D. This vital nutrient has multiple benefits such as improvement of teeth and bones, support of the immune system, nervous system and brain, and so on. Daylight also boosts your concentration and mood, which brightens your mind as well. It helps you perform better in everyday life.

    1. Helps Air Circulate

Skylights help enhance the ventilation and airflow in your home without depending on bulky air conditioning units or fans. You can open the skylight when necessary, which will let in outside air just like a window. Since they are located at a higher level, skylights help in removing stale air from the room and steam in the case of bathrooms. This means that they help keep your home cooler in warm weather. When a skylight is opened, the warm air from indoors escapes and cooler air moves in from below to replace it. This keeps the inside of your home cool without having to use an air conditioner.

    1. Saves Energy

Energy-efficient skylights eliminate the requirement of electric lighting in a natural way. This helps reduce emissions. The use of daylight saves energy consumption, which is a bonus. Plus, they reduce the need for fans as they provide venting for a room and reduce heat energy from electrical sources.

    1. Saves Money

As skylights let in natural light, it lowers your electricity bills. Venting skylights do away with the need for fans by providing the circulation of air. By controlling the temperature and allowing daylight to filter inside, skylights save you money.

    1. Helps Maintain Privacy

In cities and suburbs today, homes are built close to one another. This makes it challenging for natural light to enter through the windows. The need for privacy and need for light are equally important and sometimes it is difficult to balance both. However, skylights, with the installation of blinds and sun tunnels, can provide privacy as well as sunlight. If the bedroom or bathroom have space constraints, skylights are especially useful.

    1. Makes Small Spaces Lively

In small spaces, incandescent bulbs tend to create an odd yellow glow. By contrast, sun tunnel skylights help bring in daylight that adds life to the room, even when it is small. By letting in passive light, it lightens up cramped spaces without the emission of heat by electrical sources.

Types of Skylights

Different kinds of skylight are available, from which you can choose the appropriate one according to your needs:

    • Fixed Skylights

These cannot be opened and only filter light into your home. They also contribute to the aesthetic beauty.

    • Vented Skylights

While these skylights appear like fixed skylights, you can open them at one end to let out heat and enhance air circulation. They are a favorite of many homeowners.

    • Roof Windows

Apart from letting in daylight, these skylights can be opened completely to act as emergency escape routes. They are typically used in lofted bedrooms.

    • Sun Tunnels

These are small, round skylights that use reflective tubing to channel the sunlight into the interior of your home. Since they “tunnel” the sunlight, they are called sun tunnels.
Energy-efficient skylights are a cost-effective way to add value and improve your home. They are definitely worth considering for your next home remodeling project.

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