Window with streaks

Streak City: 3 Window Cleaners You Should Avoid

The windows in your home bring in natural light, let you see who’s visiting, and give you a front-row seat to thunderstorms and snowfalls. All that hard work deserves superior window maintenance, which means learning which cleaning products are harmful to windows, and which work best. Clean windows are easy to achieve, but smart planning can help you avoid streaks and damaged windowsills and window frames. Here’s what our expert team wants you to know:

Don’t Use Non-Glass Cleaners to Clean Windows

All-purpose surface sprays aren’t a good choice for windows, as they contain ingredients like waxes, which are designed for polishing tile, stone, and wood. While these waxes bring out the best in your countertops and cabinets, they leave behind unsightly deposits on clear glass. These waxes and chemicals can quickly ruin the view from your windows, leaving you with a streaky mess. Then you’ll need to clean your window glass again using stronger products to bring back the clarity you desire.

Avoid Strong Cleaning Solutions Like BleachLady cleaning a window

Products intended to kill germs are designed for surfaces that can handle bleach, peroxide, and other harsh cleaning chemicals. If you habitually use bathroom or kitchen spray on your windows, there’s a good chance you’ll do damage to wooden sills or the surface of metal window frames. If the area around your window frames is painted, these sprays can also discolor or damage latex paint.

Don’t Use Vinegar or Lemon Juice to Clean Windows

Making your own kitchen cleanser may be eco-friendly, but there’s a good chance it may be less friendly for your windows. The best sprays to use are ones intended for glass. Acids such as vinegar can do permanent harm to adhesives and wood. Using them on windows will have unpredictable results. Additionally, the chance is very high that they’ll leave unsightly streaks behind on the glass, which is generally bad for windows. If you mix your own DIY cleaners, we suggest not using them on windows.

Having the Best Windows for Home Improvement

There’s no need to live with dirty or streaky windows! A window installation or sales specialist from The Window Depot can recommend the perfect new or replacement windows. They can suggest products like vinyl-framed windows, which are forgiving to the occasional “whoops” during home maintenance and can offer superior performance and looks. If your goal is to simplify window cleaning and maintenance, be sure to ask one of our experts during your next visit. There’s a wide variety of window styles that allow easy access to both the interior and exterior surfaces inside the home. These are perfect for easy cleaning and letting fresh air in, as well.

Your home deserves the best windows, and that means being smart about both design selection and ongoing maintenance. Whether you’re renovating your home or merely installing more energy-efficient windows, pairing them with the right cleaning routine is essential. With windows from The Window Depot, you’ll never have to worry about drafts, leaks, or issues with your new windows. Pick the right window cleaner for the job, and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of clear, clean views from every corner of your home.