Wintertime Energy Efficiency in the Southwest

Even in the wintertime, energy efficiency should be a prime consideration for homeowners in the Southwest. Low desert temperatures at night can cause heat to escape from your doors and windows, increasing your heating bill and making your home less energy efficient. 

Here are some tips for helping lower energy costs and stay warm when the weather turns cold.


Renovation & Remodeling Myths

Few processes are as riddled with myths and misunderstandings as home renovations. Inaccurate beliefs heard from the infamous ‘friend of a friend,’ or self-professed “experts” on an internet video can cost would-be DIYers a lot of time, money, and energy. Here are four of the most enduring remodeling myths that professionals find themselves cleaning up after:


Update Your Door and Increase Your Home’s Value!

Close up of a red front door

Your entry door is more than a way to get inside. It’s the “face” of your entire house. Not only do you use it every day, but it’s also the first thing guests see, and it’s where your packages get delivered too. If your door is damaged or outdated, an upgrade can help with many facets of your home life.


Choosing Quality Windows and Doors for a Soundproof Home

Young woman wakes up rested while sun shines in the window

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing quality windows and doors is having a more soundproof home. The peace and coziness of a quiet home can help you relax after a long day—especially when you can block out street or neighborhood noise. A quieter home makes nap time easier if you stay home with young children.


Iron Doors: The Basics for Your Home

front door iron door at home

Iron doors in front entryways look sleek and visually appealing, whether they are designed with a modern touch or medieval flair. Aesthetics isn’t their only advantage, however. Homeowners can glean several additional benefits from installing iron doors at their place of residence.

Iron doors are used in addition to your front door, particularly in areas with warmer and dustier climates.