The Best Combinations for Cabinets and Countertops in Your Kitchen

Since kitchens are a big part of a home’s overall value, it’s important to look into upgrading them from time to time. A kitchen remodel can give this living space a fresh look while also improving its functionality. When you’re exploring remodeling options for this part of your home, keep these trends for cabinets and countertops in mind.


Contrasting Colors

While all-white kitchens or kitchens with a simple color scheme are almost always in style, one of the latest trends is to introduce contrasting colors. For example, combining dark-toned countertops with white or light-toned cabinets, walls, and floors can create a visually striking, classy look for your kitchen. This trend can also add a touch of warmth to your kitchen, giving it a more inviting look and feel. Keep in mind that countertops, in general, are trending toward darker colors and tones this year.


Natural Materials and Tones

For a more rustic look, consider wood cabinets with natural stone countertops and a stone floor. Lighter-colored wood cabinets can keep your kitchen from looking too dark or old-fashioned, while stone countertops add a sleek, yet naturalistic appearance. You can take this remodeling idea a step further by also adding or replacing windows to let in more natural light. The combination of extra sunlight, wood cabinets, and stone countertops and floors creates a more eco-friendly design that can go a long way toward raising your home’s value.


Cool Cabinet and Countertop Tones

If you want your kitchen to have a cleaner look overall in terms of style, consider going with cabinets and countertops in cool tones, such as whites or light neutral tones. This creates a streamlined appearance that’s soothing to the eye. If you do want to add some color for a contrasting effect, consider putting in bold or vibrant wall tiles or backsplashes. These colorful areas will stand out among your lighter-colored cabinet and countertop surfaces for added visual appeal.


Navy Cabinets with White Countertops

Navy isn’t typically seen as a cabinet color, but this dark blue tone has been a kitchen trend this year. You can combine navy cabinets with stark, white countertops for a classic and elegant look that’s slightly vintage. Having white appliances in your kitchen to go with your white countertops adds to this look.


Stylish Cabinet Design with Added Storage

If you want to add more storage space to your kitchen and create a more modern, sleek appearance, consider having cabinets installed that reach all the way to your ceiling. Instead of having crown molding or open shelving space over your cabinets, you’ll have extra shelf space inside them. This remodeling idea is a practical one that can also improve your kitchen by giving it a more tidy and less cluttered look.


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