Trending Kitchen Styles for 2021 

Kitchens will see a few twists this year, which can make for some splashier designs and fun touches. We’ll look at the major kitchen trends, so you can start incorporating them into your design plans.


All those handles on the drawers and cabinets can end up being unintentional eye clutter. It might be why handleless has become so en vogue this year. New advances with doors make it possible to push to open instead of pull. Or opt for recessed handles for the same look without having to push. Either way, this is a great idea if you’re ready to streamline your kitchen and create a more flowing design.

Veined Marble

The veins in the marble are what give it character, which might be why it’s making more of a comeback this year. While marble never really went out of style, it’s becoming that much more prized for its aesthetics and durability. It also provides a great textural contrast next to other surfaces like wood or metal. Consider installing a sink or retrofitting your kitchen island to incorporate this trend and add more luxury to the room.



Wild Color Pairing

The idea of wild color pairings is to forget what you know about which colors go with which colors. This one might be a little more difficult to actually implement and might take a little experimentation, but the rewards will be stunning. All the surfaces of your kitchen, including window treatments and floors, are an opportunity for a little pop. So if you had mostly neutrals for the walls and appliances, maybe paint the bottom portion of the breakfast bar a deep orange or blue.

Curated Kitchens

A curated space is meant to make a person slow down and just enjoy the space. Designers are inspiring residents to do just that with everything from artwork to open shelving. The goal here is to make every part of the room something to enjoy. So maybe instead of stacking your favorite china out of sight in the cabinet, for example, you find a way to put it front and center. This trend can lead to some really great design finds as you scout around for something that feels true in your home.

Ancillary Spaces

To really upgrade your kitchen, you might have to think a little further than its walls. From the pantry to the mudroom, you can put away many of the essential items you use in the kitchen in favor of the more attractive knickknacks or designer decorations. These kinds of spaces have turned into something of a status symbol, so if there’s any way to rearrange your space and take advantage of this, it could be as good for the daily functionality of the home as it is for your resale value.

The Window Depot keeps up on the trends as much as you do. If you have questions about how a great window design can do for your kitchen, give us a call today to see what’s in style.