Curb appeal

Using Exterior and Interior Doors in Tucson to Transform Your Home

As a Tucson homeowner, you may not spend much time thinking about your windows and doors beyond ensuring they have good insulation. However, these features are some of the easiest ways to transform the way your home looks and feels. New windows can completely enhance your home’s curb appeal, elevating its look without needing to do much else. It also changes the way you might use the room after. People are often drawn to rooms that offer natural light, and if your new desert windows open to allow a fleeting summer breeze to flow through, they’ll freshen up spaces that once felt dark and closed up. 

The Window Depot can help you choose the perfect portals to make your house look and feel more like home. Here’s what we recommend for your windows and exterior or interior doors in Tucson. 

Add Transoms and Sidelights to Exterior and Interior Doors 

Use your doors as portals for natural light by adding transoms and sidelights. Or choose new doors that offer these features. You could even add interior doors that make use of these horizontal features to add architectural appeal. Today’s doors are available in a wide selection of colors to match any home style. In terms of return on investment, they’re a small purchase that yields a solid return. 

Choose Windows That Feature Muntins or Grilles 

Adding patterns to your existing windows is another way to change the outward appearance of your home. Window grilles add interest and texture, both inside and out. Inside, they throw patterned areas of light. Outwardly, they’re an easy aesthetic upgrade. You may be able to add simple grilles to your existing windows. Or, you may opt for windows that feature built-in grilles or muntins. 

New garageDon’t Overlook the Garage 

In many contemporary homes, the garage is a distinguishing feature that plays a significant role in curb appeal. For this reason, upgrading your garage door, or adding windows, can have a considerable impact on your home’s curb appeal. There are several important considerations in choosing a new garage door, including: 

  • Level of security it provides 
  • Whether it’s energy-efficient 
  • How it complements the style of your home 

Prominent garage doors should match your home’s aesthetic as far as era and design style. This adds a more cohesive look to the overall exterior.  

Additionally, the interior door that connects your garage to your home should fulfill specialized needs as well. It should be highly secure and prevent the heat and conditioned air inside your home from escaping into your garage. Garage windows should keep outside air out while letting in an abundance of natural light. 

When you’re ready to talk windows and doors, The Window Depot is ready to listen. Our experienced consultants are happy to discuss your goals and plans for home design. Stop by and see us today in Arizona, Texas, California, and New Mexico. Or visit us online for all your Tucson window and door needs. At Window Depot, we understand the importance of good home design. Let us help you transform your spaces today.