What to Consider When Purchasing a Sliding Glass Door

So, you’ve got a beautiful backyard or deck, and you’re anxious to install a pair of sliding glass doors for the view and convenient access. Will picking them out be as easy as selecting a front door? Not necessarily: there are several additional factors you’ll need to keep in mind before your newest chapter of home renovation begins. While sliding glass doors are similar to traditional exterior doors, there are three considerations that should be addressed as you browse glass sliding door styles at Window Depot:

How Wide Should My Sliding Glass Doors Be? 

All walls are not created equal: the locations of studs and support beams will need to be investigated before deciding on a door. If you believe you have 60″ of wall space but don’t realize that a support beam bisects the potential opening, you’ll be doing a lot of last-minute reconfiguration. Make sure that the area you’re hoping to fit with the doors has enough width, height, and weight capacity to support the doors of your choice. Home improvement snafus like incorrect measurement can put the brakes on your new patio access and leave you without a way out — literally.

What Kind of Sliding Door Designs are Available?

Just as you’d select your favorite lock and handle configuration in a standalone exterior door, style should factor in to your glass door choices.

  • Would you like a door handle that is recessed or protruding?
  • What color would you like the framing or cladding to be?
  • Do you want a door frame that is wood, aluminum, vinyl, or hybrid?
  • Should your new doors have a keyed lock?
  • Will your new doors lock from both sides, or just from the interior?

If your doors would open out to a closed-off second floor deck, for example, a keyed lock might not be as much of a concern. On the other hand, if they’ll be installed on a landing with outdoor stair access, a keyed lock would be prudent. Your local climate and the drainage from your roof and gutters will also inform your choice of door frame. Homes with a lot of moisture and poor drainage should avoid wood due to rot. Conversely, homes with a lot of sun exposure may want to avoid the heat-conductive properties of aluminum.

Are Sliding Glass Doors Good for Home Value?

In the long list of benefits for home purchases (updated kitchens and bathrooms, new windows, built-in pool, etc.) sliding doors may not be at the top of the must have list, but they’re a big attention grabber. When properly installed by our expert team here at Window Depot, a sturdy sliding glass door allows plenty of natural light into a room while simultaneously offering a convenient, weather-proof entryway into the home. Openings on sliding glass doors are typically a few inches wider in terms of clearance versus exterior doors, which also make them an attractive option for patio exits.

If you’re ready to enjoy more natural light, an easy new entry & exit from your home, and a generous dash of curb appeal, contact The Window Depot today to discuss your sliding glass door options. Our expert patio door installation team will match you up with the perfect design for your home through a process that operates as smoothly as our doors.