Why a Kitchen Remodel Makes Sense for Your Home

Owning a home is sometimes an adventure, other times a challenge, and almost always a learning experience of some kind. When most homeowners are ready to update or remodel some part of their home, they typically focus on one of two areas: the bathroom or the kitchen. Of the two, more time is arguably spent in the kitchen, it tends to be a larger area for more creative flexibility, and it’s one of the first rooms potential home-buyers see. These are three excellent reasons to start cooking up big changes in the kitchen, and they’re only the beginning.

Ease, Comfort, and Convenience

Cooking, particularly for enthusiastic home chefs, takes a great deal of time and concentration. It’s enjoyable – or at least it would be if you didn’t have to constantly compensate for an oddly-shaped counter or outdated appliances. Even if you’ve “gotten used” to the way your kitchen is laid out, imagine how much easier and more enjoyable cooking would be in an updated style. Whether it’s counters that are built to shrug off scratches or cabinet doors and drawers that don’t stick, the little conveniences really do add up, particularly when you’re tackling a difficult recipe.

Safety Considerations

Think about the kitchen as a room – water flowing from the sink and dishwasher, fire (or at least heating elements) glowing on the stove, wiring hidden and tucked behind major appliances. Add that to potential years of oil build-up, water seepage, and other considerations, and you could be facing a fire hazard, mold or mildew growth, weak flooring, insect or rodent issues, and worse. A kitchen remodel is more than just a “facelift” for a room in your home; it’s also a chance to avert potential disaster that may be lurking in your kitchen walls, floor, and cabinets.

Home Value Addition

While ease-of-use is definitely the most obvious day-to-day benefit, longstanding (and true!) logic holds that remodeling your kitchen raises the value of your home. In addition to adding to the “one day” potential of your home’s value, there may also be a practical benefit in the short term: getting your home reassessed post-remodel may help raise value for equity loans, second mortgages, and so on. This is no small consideration if your kitchen is only the first room you’ve set your sights on; be sure to check with your lending professional to determine how you can leverage your new kitchen remodel to your advantage.

While a kitchen remodel is not a project to be undertaken lightly, it’s ultimately one of the most rewarding projects you can start as a homeowner. You’ll be making your home more functional and more valuable, rather than simply improving aesthetics. Pair expert kitchen remodeling services with a home value assessment and a warranty on your new appliances, and you’ll be serving up satisfaction for years across your gorgeous new countertops.

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