Bedroom with dual skylights

Why Your Home Needs a Skylight

Why Your Home Needs a Skylight

Natural lighting is one of the most enticing features to home buyers for a reason: it presents a home’s interior in the best possible light, quite literally. Sunlight illuminates wall colors, brings cheer and a welcoming ambiance to any room, and even helps with maintaining ambient temperature in colder months. If a home’s windows aren’t situated well, or nearby construction or tree growth has blocked sunlight, there’s another way to achieve enviable natural lighting: skylights.

Mounted in a roof, skylights come in several shapes and sizes and are intended to allow more natural light in without the need to demolish or renovate wall structure. Crafted to be water-tight and resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions, skylights are built to last and provide years of enjoyment with little to no upkeep required.

Skylight Design and the Modern Home

While most homeowners mulling over home renovation upgrades think of a single skylight – the boxy square popularized in the 1980s – there are many more styles to choose from. Intriguing new additions to the industry include the Solatube –a chimney-like pipe that appears as a small round “porthole” in the interior ceiling. Ultra-reflective material on the inside of the tube brings sunlight in where it’s needed, even if a straight vertical skylight isn’t a good fit for the selected space. Domed and self-flashing half-sized skylights are also smart choices depending on illumination needs and roof type; a professional from The Window Depot can make suggestions for your specific home.

Bringing the Sun In

Skylights aren’t just mood-brightening additions to a home renovation effort – they can also transform spaces with more versatility. With natural lighting, the need for wired and mounted electric lighting isn’t as pressing, and houseplants and animals thrive with access to sunlight as well. Over a bed or in a bathroom, the effect of natural lighting adds a cozy, dreamy feel that encourages lazy Sunday mornings under the blankets or a few extra minutes in a relaxing bath. They also make ceilings appear loftier, giving a home a rich, elegant feel with minimal upgrading cost.

Potential Cost Savings

Skylights, like professionally installed windows from the Window Depot, can also help you save on your HVAC costs. Properly sealed against the elements and correctly installed, they allow you to take in the beauty of the bright blue sky as well as the warmth – ideal for keeping the thermostat set a little lower in the winter. Certain solar-powered mechanical skylights may also be eligible for energy savings or rebates from your state or even federal taxes; be sure to check with your Window Depot installer to determine the qualifications in your area.

Light, bright, and a wise investment in your home renovation, skylights are your window to the world, and an easy portal for warmth and sunlight to enter your home. Let the sun shine in without ever needing to open your blinds; ask The Window Depot which skylight is right for you today!