The Effects Winter Has on Your Windows

Colder weather might not seem like a big deal when you’re staying warm and dry in your home. However, winter weather could be making your home less cozy overall. Knowing more about the effects that cold weather can have on your windows can help you prevent this from occurring.

Air Leaks

Older windows often develop small gaps or cracks in or around their frames over time.


The Best Windows for Colder Climates

Older windows can make your home colder in winter and raise your heating bills. With older windows, your heating system comes on and off more often in order to maintain a set temperature. Investing in windows for colder climates helps ensure that your home remains warm and your energy bills stay low.


9 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Resale 

When planning your home resale, put bathroom remodeling at the top of the to-do list. Most buyers want a master bath as well as a family bathroom and a powder room for guests. But these days, just having enough bathrooms isn’t enough.

Buyers expect your home’s bathrooms to go beyond the standard and incorporate unique features they can’t find elsewhere.


Why a Kitchen Remodel Makes Sense for Your Home

Owning a home is sometimes an adventure, other times a challenge, and almost always a learning experience of some kind. When most homeowners are ready to update or remodel some part of their home, they typically focus on one of two areas: the bathroom or the kitchen. Of the two, more time is arguably spent in the kitchen, it tends to be a larger area for more creative flexibility, and it’s one of the first rooms potential home-buyers see.


Tell Tales Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Doors

No matter how well you maintain your home throughout the years, its components were never meant to last forever. As the home shifts and settles, the doors will eventually begin to be thrown off-balance. And of course, they’re susceptible to general wear and tear too. Whether you’re curious about the interior or exterior barriers, we’ll look at when it’s time for a door replacement.