Pretty and Stylish Windows: Your Renovation Inspiration

Bedroom that contains two large window seats

If you’ve been browsing new windows for renovation in your home, don’t concentrate on function alone. Sturdy, energy-efficient windows are a great place to start, but stylish windows are just as easy to install and admire. Take a page out of a global decor book for your renovation inspiration and consider these fun alternatives for your new windows:

Bay Windows

A bay window or bow window extends outward from the exterior wall of your home and typically consists of a central panel with two angled flanking panels.


How to Choose Cabinets for Your Home

Brown wooden cabinets inside of a homes kitchen with marble countertops

What are the Best Cabinets for My Home?

After picking a paint color, flooring, countertops, and windows, cabinets tend to slide down the priority list during a home remodel or renovation. These important home storage components deserve a place at the top, however – as they provide form and function.


Streak City: 3 Window Cleaners You Should Avoid

Window with streaks

The windows in your home bring in natural light, let you see who’s visiting, and give you a front-row seat to thunderstorms and snowfalls. All that hard work deserves superior window maintenance, which means learning which cleaning products are harmful to windows, and which work best. Clean windows are easy to achieve, but smart planning can help you avoid streaks and damaged windowsills and window frames.


What You Need to Remodel the Kitchen

A remodeled kitchen in a modern farmhouse.

If you feel like your kitchen is the design equivalent of an overdone casserole, it’s time for a change. Your cooking and meal prep space should be more than utilitarian or good enough—It should make you feel happy, proud, and eager to spend time in it. That may mean a few minor changes, like swapping out cabinets, or a floor-to-ceiling kitchen remodel complete with new countertops.


Why Your Home Needs a Skylight

Bedroom with dual skylights

Why Your Home Needs a Skylight

Natural lighting is one of the most enticing features to home buyers for a reason: it presents a home’s interior in the best possible light, quite literally. Sunlight illuminates wall colors, brings cheer and a welcoming ambiance to any room, and even helps with maintaining ambient temperature in colder months.