Update Your Door and Increase Your Home’s Value!

Close up of a red front door

Your entry door is more than a way to get inside. It’s the “face” of your entire house. Not only do you use it every day, but it’s also the first thing guests see, and it’s where your packages get delivered too. If your door is damaged or outdated, an upgrade can help with many facets of your home life.


Get the Most Out of Your A/C with Energy Efficient Windows

Woman enjoys cool air conditioning in her home

When the weather heats up and staying cool is a must, efficient air conditioning becomes very important. If you’re looking to boost the power of your AC, your best resource is actually in your walls – literally. Energy efficient windows from The Window Depot maximize that cool, comfortable air in every room of your house.


Choosing Quality Windows and Doors for a Soundproof Home

Young woman wakes up rested while sun shines in the window

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing quality windows and doors is having a more soundproof home. The peace and coziness of a quiet home can help you relax after a long day—especially when you can block out street or neighborhood noise. A quieter home makes nap time easier if you stay home with young children.


Extend the Life of Your Home Windows with Regular Maintenance

couple sitting on counch in front of big nice window

Many people never give the longevity of their home windows a moment’s thought. Some simply wipe them down occasionally, while others don’t pay much attention to them at all. There are, however, some best practices that should be followed when it comes to regular window maintenance. In order to extend the life of your home windows, save money, and keep them in the best shape for the long term, our team suggests the following:

Inspect Your Windows Regularly

Take a closer look at your windows at least four times a year, preferably at least once each season.


Why a Kitchen Remodel Is the Perfect Spring or Summer Renovation Project

At home kitchen remodel

As temperatures increase during the late spring and summer months, now is a good time for homeowners to complete indoor home renovation projects. Renovating a kitchen is always a favorable remodeling project that’s sure to freshen up a home. It helps to create a more pleasant environment for gatherings and increase home value.