The Complete Guide to Interior, Exterior and Patio Doors For Your Home

exterior door

Doors are one component of your home that you probably don’t put a lot of thought into. However, your home’s doors play a major role not only in the security if your space, but in your home’s appearance and curb appeal as well. If you’re thinking of replacing or installing new exterior doors on your home, then you may be wondering where to begin.


Five Small Home Improvement Projects to Update Your Home

Keeping your home looking fresh and trendy doesn’t have to mean a complete home renovation. Instead, look for easy-to-achieve home improvement projects to spruce up your space.

We’ve compiled five do-it-yourself projects that will update your home without breaking the bank.

Update your doors

You can easily upgrade hollow, builder-grade interior doors with a little elbow grease and minimal expense.


3 Home Renovations You Should Make Before Selling Your Home

Do you find yourself in a catch-22 situation when it comes to selling your house? Although you need to sell it for the highest price possible, you know that it needs home renovation first. You also need to stick to a budget. Fortunately, home improvement does not need to cost a lot when you also have moving expenses to consider.


How to Brighten Up a Dark Room with 4 Simple Updates

Everyone knows that natural sunlight is important for you, as it is the best way to get vitamin D. But bright and cheerful surroundings aren’t just good for your health. They can improve your mood and they can raise the resale value of your home. There are many ways to brighten a room, some more involved than others.


American Kitchen Trends Through the Years

A kitchen counter with a cookbook and various utensils

Kitchens have experienced major changes over the years when it comes to decor, appliances, and fixtures, such as countertops and cabinets. Learning more about kitchen trends over the past several decades can provide you with ideas for your own kitchen. While some trends have faded with time, others continue to be part of a timeless kitchen design