8 Tips for Clean Blinds and Tidy Windows

Are your blinds and windows clean? You might be surprised by how dirty they can actually get. In fact, many of our clients don’t realize how dirty their windows are until they get new windows—and see how much brighter and clearer the world becomes.

Clean blinds and clean windows can make a major difference in both the look and health of your home, but many people don’t know how to properly clean blinds or windows.


Kitchen and Bath Month: 6 DIY Projects

October is National Kitchen and Bath Month, which makes it a great time for completing DIY projects and other home improvements. While you may not be ready to design a whole new kitchen or new bathroom, there are lots of small-to-mid-size projects that will transform your space without destroying your budget.


8 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Countertops

Then it comes to the value of your home, no room has as great of an impact as the kitchen does and upgrades can be easily done one at a time. An upgrade you might want to consider? Replacing the countertops in your kitchen. Whether they’re damaged or just too dated, getting new counters is a great investment and helps to keep your kitchen…


7 Benefits of Replacing Your Windows in Autumn

The idea of it might make you—and your wallet—cringe, but if you own a home or business in Tucson, you will eventually need to replace your windows. Once you start to notice signs that indicate you need new windows, it is time to plan when you will do it. Our advice?


Add a Stylish Touch to Any Room Using Moulding Accents

stylish room touch

An important feature that sets apart an impressive room is the attention laid on mouldings. Mouldings add to the architectural value and aesthetic beauty of your home. For home remodeling and home improvement, it is a good idea to upgrade the mouldings. These can add width and depth to the room, impacting its overall appearance.