Energy efficient summer months plan

Summer months are here, and for Arizona homeowners, that means high cooling costs. With temperatures topping out over 100 degrees, now is the time to tweak home efficiency so you’re not paying out more each month than you should be. Here’s what our experts at The Window Depot suggest to help you beat that summer heat during the hottest months of the year.


Different Kinds of Windows and What They’re Meant For

Are you exploring replacement windows for your home? If so, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the options available to you. If phrases like “low E” and “casement” have you feeling baffled, not to worry! We’ve put together a list of common window types (plus some of their pros and cons), so you can be better informed.


New Cabinets with The Window Depot

wood cabinet door samples in market in a row

Buying new cabinets is an excellent way to improve both the look and functionality of one of the most essential rooms in your home. If you’re planning on doing a little kitchen remodeling, it’s smart to concentrate on the items that take up the most surface area.

The Window Depot offers custom order cabinets that can be fitted to meet your exact specifications.


Home Renovation: New Door Knobs and Home Safety

man fixing door handle

If you’re considering a home upgrade in your remodeling, one area you might consider changing is your front door. The entryway door is the face of your modern home. There are many choices to help you build the perfect character to your entryway. Not only do you have options to make it appealing in design, but new door locks can make it both beautiful and more secure for your family.


Skylights & Springtime

With the promise of spring and warmer weather approaching, it can be tough to resist the urge to go outside and soak up some sunshine. But many homeowners find that there’s no better way to bring this sunshine indoors than by installing a skylight. Learn more about the features and benefits modern skylights can offer to decide whether this is a good option for your home.