Can Windows Impact Your Happiness? Here's How!

Humans look for ways to boost their contentment and quality of life in many ways. There are tried-and-true methods such as spending time with friends and family or enjoying good food. Then, there are also more obscure solutions that rarely cross a person’s mind.

New windows, for example, can have both a direct and indirect impact on improving someone’s happiness. As part of the home, the place into which many people pour not only their time but also money, windows impact happiness in these five significant ways:

Windows Increase Exposure to Natural Light

It’s common knowledge humans thrive off exposure to sunlight, which promotes the production of vitamin D and compels the brain to release serotonin, a hormone that can boost mood, focus and productivity. On the contrary, low levels of serotonin may increase the risk of seasonal affective disorder, a type of major depression with a seasonal pattern. Great windows in Arizona will allow a person to continue reaping the emotional, physical and mental health benefits of sunlight even when they are indoors.

Newer Windows Save Money

By installing energy-efficient windows, a household can lower their monthly bills — while also having a positive impact on the environment. Energy-conscious homeowners can choose new windows with both a lower U-value, which measures the unit’s resistance to heat loss and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which measures the amount of heat coming into the house through the glass. Additionally, with more windows in a room, there’s less need to turn on the lights during the daylight hours, which is an additional way to lower electricity usage. Those financial savings can then be channeled toward something else productive in the home.

Better Windows Equal Better Sleep

waking up happy near big, bright bedroom window Humans are designed to be awake during the day and sleep while it’s dark, when their brain releases melatonin. People who get exposure to sunlight are better able to stay aligned with that natural circadian rhythm, which means windows certainly impact mood and improve overall health. Also, a family who chooses double-pane windows will prevent outside noise from filtering into a house. For those living in a busy area, that’s an important home improvement if they want to be able to get a good night’s rest.

Windows Provide Access to Nature’s Art

Humans need beauty in their life, although what attracts individuals may differ. Many people, though, can appreciate views of nature or bustling, quaint neighborhoods. For those who live in areas surrounded by natural beauty, windows are a way to stay connected to it. There is no need for a painting of rolling hills or other outdoor images if they are provided by an excellent windows.

Enhanced Comfort with High-Quality Windows

smiling woman sitting on cozy chair with mug near large windows Cheap or decrepit windows can rattle in their frames or let outside air leak into the home, putting a damper on the resident’s overall comfort level. They either have to run their heating or cooling system more frequently to bring the room to a comfortable temperature or simply deal with the temperature and the bills. High-quality windows can combat that problem by keeping a person’s home more pleasant. When it’s warm outside, great windows also impact mood and focus when open or cracked by allowing air ventilation so a room doesn’t get too stuffy.

For many people, their home is a haven where they want to experience optimal comfort and security. Making investments for that space by updating or purchasing new windows is a worthwhile way to have a long-term and continuous impact on a person’s quality of life.