about us

about us


The Window Depot is more than just a window store. We offer windows, doors, skylights, cabinets, countertops, and more for your home improvement projects.


In 2002 The Window Depot changed the way America buys windows by providing the absolute lowest price and best service in town. Since opening our doors, our customers asked us to expand our business from just windows. Now we are definitely “More Than a Window Store.” We stock windows, doors, skylights, molding, granite and quartz countertops, locks, sinks, and more. In addition, we have items available for special order at all of our locations including bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, and more. We pride ourselves on providing the best price, the biggest inventory, and an exceptional customer experience!


Our goal is to provide homeowners with everything they need to remodel a kitchen, bathroom, garage, or any other part of their home. Common home improvement projects include replacing windows, putting in skylights, or remodeling a kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, and a sink.

We are often the first stop for construction professionals because you can’t beat our selection or prices and our service staff are experts in the field. We can meet any commercial need for windows, doors, skylights, cabinets, or countertops. No order size is too large, and we can have odd sizes or shapes custom-built. While you are at one of our stores, you can pick up your molding, door and window accessories, caulking, flashing, straps, and vinyl trim.


The Window Depot has several locations across four states to serve you. We have stores located in Tucson, Phoenix, Marana, Albuquerque, El Paso, and National City. Because we have the best prices and the biggest inventory, our customers range from the do-it-yourselfers to general contractors. We invite you to compare our pricing with the “big guys” and the “little guys.” We are confident our prices and our inventory will be hard to beat.

When should I buy new replacement windows?
New replacement windows can enhance your home's value and energy efficiency. Enjoy immediate savings on energy bills, improved comfort, and a great long-term investment.
Is vinyl my best choice for new replacement windows?
Vinyl windows, especially in areas where the weather gets warm, are an excellent choice. Our PVC vinyl windows are durable, low-maintenance, and affordable, providing the best solution for the harsh desert environment.
What makes windows energy efficient?
Energy-efficient windows feature quality frame materials, low-e coated glass, warm edge spacers, and foam spacers. Our windows are designed to provide optimal insulation and energy savings.
What about drafts? Can new replacement windows stop them?
Drafts can result from poor sealing, insulation, or installation. Our expert installation includes foam insulation, ensuring your high-end, energy-efficient replacement windows eliminate drafts for ultimate comfort.
How do I compare different replacement windows?
Comparing replacement windows involves considering factors like energy efficiency, materials, and installation quality. Our products stand out in terms of quality, energy efficiency, and professional installation.
How much do replacement windows cost?
Our replacement windows offer high quality without the high price. With strong relationships with national manufacturers, we provide a wide variety of products at prices well below standard retail rates.
How do I know that your products are top quality?
Window Depot ensures top-quality replacement windows by maintaining strong relationships with national manufacturers. These manufacturers offer reliability, energy savings, and satisfaction.
How much energy will we save?
Energy savings depend on factors like window type and installation. Our energy-efficient replacement windows are designed to maximize savings and efficiency.
Why should I choose vinyl windows from The Window Depot?
Vinyl windows from The Window Depot are a superior choice, offering durability, energy efficiency, and affordability.
Where is The Window Depot located and do you have a showroom?
The Window Depot has multiple convenient locations for you to explore our products. We are located in Tucson AZ, Phoneix AZ, El Paso TX, Albuquerque NM, and National City CA.
What type of warranty is available for my windows?
Our replacement windows come with a comprehensive warranty. Please view the specific window for warranty details.
What is low-e glass?
Low-emissivity (low-e) glass reflects infrared light, enhancing energy efficiency by keeping heat inside during winter.
Are there specific windows recommended for different climates?
Yes, windows are designed with climate considerations in mind. For colder climates, triple-pane windows with low U-values provide better insulation, while in warmer climates, energy-efficient windows with coatings to block heat gain are preferable.
Can I customize the color and style of my replacement windows?
Absolutely! Many replacement window options allow for customization in terms of color, style, and finishes to match your home's aesthetic.
How do I maintain and clean my replacement windows?
Maintenance is easy. Regularly clean the glass with a mild soap and water. Lubricate moving parts, and inspect weatherstripping for wear. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for specific care instructions.
Are there eco-friendly options for replacement windows?
Yes, eco-friendly options include windows made from recycled materials, energy-efficient designs to reduce energy consumption, and products with minimal environmental impact.

The Window Depot is your ultimate destination for all things related to window replacement projects. Yet, we go beyond being just a window store, presenting a comprehensive selection of home improvement essentials, including doors, cabinets, and countertops. Whether you visit one of our superstore locations or explore our website, you'll find everything you need for your next renovation.