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The Window Depot proudly presents the 2030 model, a part of the revered 4000 series, illustrating a seamless blend of modern design with an essence of privacy. This XO sliding window stands as a testament to those valuing discretion without giving up on style or efficiency.

Boasting measurements of 23.5 by 35.5 inches, this window transforms spaces into serene retreats, thanks to its obscure Low-E glass. This choice of glass ensures that while the interiors remain bathed in natural light, they aren't completely exposed to the outside world. The energy efficiency of this model is commendable, especially when the Low-E glass synergizes with the warm-edge spacer system, ensuring ambient indoor temperatures.

Reinforcing the window's reliability is the sturdy NuWall frame, decked in a subtle almond hue, offering both resilience and a complementary aesthetic. The XO configuration takes the user experience up a notch, providing an effortless sliding operation, allowing homeowners to modulate ventilation to their preference.

Moreover, the obscure Low-E glass adeptly filters out harmful UV rays, ensuring that indoor furnishings remain vibrant and protected. For homeowners who cherish their privacy and seek an optimal blend of modern design with efficient performance, the 2030 XO model emerges as a top contender.