Benefits of Choosing Granite Countertops

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you might be wondering which countertop to choose. It’s an important decision that will have a huge effect on the aesthetics of your home renovation.
The fact is, when it comes to kitchen countertops, granite leads the way. A premium building material, granite stands out for its elegance, providing distinctions few other materials can offer.

Granite is highly substantial for kitchen environments. It is reasonably priced, comes in a varied style, color and finish. However, most homeowners are unaware of the reasons behind it’s longstanding popularity.

  • It’s Affordable

Though the actual cost depends on a lot of factors (origin, quality and retailer), granite slab prices hover, the trick is to check out your local retailer first, which will automatically diminish the transportation costs. Also, you can check out the samples physically at their showrooms, which is an added benefit.

  • Strong & Durable

Granite is formed naturally, when rocks compress together deep within the earth’s surface. They are also the second most durable material on earth after diamonds. The fact that homeowners only replace granite countertops when they want to, not because they have to, speaks volume about their durability. Also, granite countertops are highly resistant to cracking, chipping or scratching, making them heat resistant to some extent.

  • Easy Maintenance

Another important factor that adds to their charm, is their low maintenance. During installation, they are sealed in accordance with guidelines set forth by the manufacturer, which allows further resistance from bacteria and stains. All you need to do following installation is to take care of any spillage quickly and avoid the use of any harmful chemicals. An abrasive cleaner will make it vulnerable to stains and germs, which can lead to scratches and visible damage on the surface. A combination of warm water, dish soap along with a soft cloth ought to do the trick. This will prevent moisture from affecting the surface for a long time, prolonging its life.

  • Lifetime Investment

Being one of the hardest materials on earth, granite countertops can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Though there are less expensive options out there, (laminate, wood) granite countertops easily outdoes them when it comes to durability. Also, on an average rate, laminate countertops must be replaced at least twice within a span of 20 years, while wooden ones require resurfacing, adding on additional expenditure.

Lastly, other stone materials, like quartz and soapstone material are less cost-effective, and have an average lifespan equating to half of granite countertops. So, as a homeowner looking to upgrade your kitchen, granite offers the best long-term value.

  • Aesthetic Value

After coming out on top in the maintenance and investment department, granite also scores big in aesthetics. Being a natural stone material, it ranks high among homeowners seeking creative impetus during home remodeling. It is also available in a variety of different colors, including shades of blue, red, black, gray and tan. Each of the color variant develops on its own, based on the 3 factors - types of rocks, types of materials that are compressed against each other, and the depth under which such activity occurs, along with the temperature and pressure.

Aside from an amazing selection of palettes, granite also renders a variety of textures. Often referred to as veins, swirls and flecks, they add into it’s unique charm. To simply put it, granite countertops offer an elegance that is unsurpassed by any other types of material you can choose.

  • Return on Investment

Granite is one of the very few countertop materials that will provide a return on investment. This is because, they will actually increase the future value of your property. If you have used or planned to use granite for kitchen remodeling, and you have future plans to sell off your home, it will only help in escalating the value. If your kitchen is updated with high-end appliances with granite as an added incentive, make no mistake, you will recuperate these costs, as much as the full amount spent on remodeling.

A lifetime of durability added with cost-effectiveness and exquisite beauty, granite is the go to material to remodel your kitchen and bathroom. The key is to choose the right blend of texture and material that compliments the backdrop. You can either do it yourself or hire an experienced professional.

Efficient home improvement isn’t only about the products, it’s about performing and building the trust. Each countertop remodeling offers a fresh challenge, which we greatly relish. From bathroom and kitchen cabinets to skylights, whatever countertop replacement issues you might be facing, we are here to help!

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