Kitchen and Bath Month: 6 DIY Projects

October is National Kitchen and Bath Month, which makes it a great time for completing DIY projects and other home improvements. While you may not be ready to design a whole new kitchen or new bathroom, there are lots of small-to-mid-size projects that will transform your space without destroying your budget. Below are a few DIY projects to consider for redoing the bathroom and kitchen without a full-scale renovation.

Bathroom DIY Projects

We tend to neglect our bathrooms, focusing on more flashy spaces in the home instead. Having a quality bathroom can add a lot to the function and comfort of your home. If you’re less than pleased with the current state of one or more of your bathrooms, you might want to consider these simple bathroom DIY home projects below.

Replace a few Doors

When we think about doors that are statement pieces, we usually think about the front door. But there are no rules that your interior doors cannot pop with personality, as well. Interior doors come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and finishes, making it easy to find one that will enhance your space and complement your overall look. Unlike some more difficult DIY projects, this one is pretty easy—just remove the old door, line up the hinges, and attach the new door the same way the old door was removed.

Install New Skylights

Skylights are a big feature in Tucson homes and can often be found inside bathrooms. They let in plenty of natural light without compromising privacy. Over time, however, they can start to develop some issues. Because they’re difficult to clean, they often discolor over the years, and leaks are also a common problem. If your skylight is looking worse for wear, why not replace it? This DIY project requires exact measurements, great care, and specialized sealants—but if you’re up for the challenge, it could be a serious upgrade and a rewarding experience.

Get Brand New Fixtures

If replacing a skylight is more than you’re comfortable taking on, consider replacing your fixtures instead. Many times, when homeowners think they’re sick of the look of their bathroom sink or shower, what’s really bothering them is the actual fixtures. This is especially true in the bathroom, where the sealant around faucets can discolor and crack with time. By replacing your fixtures, you can revitalize the look of the sink and shower for very little cost. Just make certain the replacement fixtures you choose are compatible with the openings in your sink and bath—and follow the installation instructions that come with the product.

Kitchen DIY Projects

The look and function of home kitchens matters nowadays, more than ever before. In the past, the kitchen was often closed off from the rest of the home. Now it tends to be central to a home’s design. In order to create a kitchen space that’s optimal for your family and guests, we suggest considering the following home improvement projects.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets or Swap Out the Doors

Many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the idea of redoing the kitchen because it can be intensive and costly. Oftentimes the biggest complaint is the style and appearance of the kitchen cabinets—too dated, too worn, too ugly. Does this mean you need a new kitchen—cabinets and all? Not at all. In most cases, homeowners dislike the cabinet doors first and foremost, as this is where most of the kitchen’s design is showcased. We suggest revamping them with a new paint job or by replacing the cabinet doors if you can find ones that match the cabinet design itself. This project is much less costly and labor intensive than replacing all of your cabinets—and can be completed in a day.

Install a New Kitchen Sink

Depending on the state of your countertops, this may be a great kitchen DIY project. If you’re able to install a new kitchen sink, it can completely change the look of your kitchen. If your countertops aren’t in the best condition, this might be a good opportunity to go ahead and replace them, as well. This way you’ll have greater flexibility when it comes to the sink you choose. If you’re dreaming of a farmhouse sink, for example, now could be the time to make that happen. Sink installation is pretty straightforward, in general, requiring regular household tools and some sealant.

Swap Out Your Kitchen Hardware

Knobs and handles are the jewelry of your kitchen. They accentuate the design and allow you to play around with the look of your kitchen without much effort. Because they’re relatively affordable, you can use them to embrace current design trends and replace them when they’re outdated. Unlike most DIY projects, changing these is incredibly easy—all you need is a screwdriver. Make certain the base of your new hardware is at least as large as the current hardware, otherwise any parts of the original cabinet—and the difference in color over time—may show.
Whether you want a new bathroom, a new kitchen, or just want to make a small change, The Window Depot is here with many of the supplies you’ll need. With locations in Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque, El Paso, and National City, we would love to be your supplier during National Kitchen and Bath Month—and all year long. Be sure to browse our selection online or head over to our showroom.