The Best Windows for Colder Climates

Older windows can make your home colder in winter and raise your heating bills. With older windows, your heating system comes on and off more often in order to maintain a set temperature. Investing in windows for colder climates helps ensure that your home remains warm and your energy bills stay low. Find out more about the best kinds of windows for cooler areas.


Window Frame Options

Window frames can have a significant impact on how warm your home stays during winter. When you’re in a colder climate, you should choose window frames that are able to hold heat well rather than letting it escape. The best choices include vinyl frames, as well as fiberglass and composite frames. Vinyl frames are designed to hold a lot of heated air inside homes, which prevents it from escaping. Keep in mind that you should also make sure the areas around your window frames are sealed properly no matter which material you choose. This helps prevent colder air from outdoors from getting into your home.


Window Glass Options

The kind of glass you choose can affect how well your new windows keep heat inside your home. It would help if you chose double or triple pane windows rather than singlepane windows. Single pane options allow larger amounts of heated air to escape, which forces you to use your heating system more often. Double and triple pane windows do a better job of holding heated air inside, so your furnace doesn’t have to work as much.

When choosing new windows, you should also look for ones that have low-E glass. This type of glass has a coating that lets more sunlight into your home. Since sunlight produces heat, this helps you keep your home warmer without having to rely on your heating system as much.


Energy Performance Ratings

When you’re looking for new windows, make sure you check energy performance ratings. These ratings let you know how efficient these windows are, so you can save money on your heating bills in winter. Energy performance ratings to check include the following:

  • U-Factor: This rating lets you know how well the window stops heat from escaping. A higher U-factor means more heat escapes through the window. For a colder area, your windows should have a lower U-factor. These windows help keep heated air inside your home in winter.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC): This rating lets you know how much heat from the sun’s rays are blocked by your windows. In colder climates, a higher SHGC rating is more suitable.
  • R-Value: The R-value of windows lets you know how much insulation they provide. A higher R-value is ideal for areas that get colder weather.


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